Our Top Goal...

Enhance a nonprofit’s ability to sustain itself over time.

Internal Controls

Operational controls create efficiency, consistency of service, establishes accountability and, among other things, positions your organization to pursue funding. We assess your highest need and provide customizable:

  • operational manuals
  • employee & volunteer handbooks
  • policies and procedures
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Grant Readiness & Grant Writing

Grant readiness is a tool that strengthens your organization’s ability to pursue funding and reduces the overall cost related to grant writing – making grant seeking more efficient and effective. We provide the following service: 

  • self-assessment and guided assessment tools
  • implementation guide
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Funds Diversification

Nonprofits can fund their work through individual giving, corporate giving, sponsorship’s, grants, events, fee-for-service, virtual store… they can leverage resources through in-kind support and volunteer programs. We:

  • identify a model
  • develop an implementation plan
  • redesign your website to maximize capacity
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For almost two decades

Strengthening organizational systems

NOTE: I’m currently tied up with a revitalization effort to keep Community Partners in Caring from closing. Except for short planning sessions, I am not available, but happy to refer you to another consultant.

At CL Consulting Group, we are passionate about helping nonprofit organizations strengthen their organizational structure so that they can grow their resources and expand their services.

I’m Vilma, the founder and principal consultant for CL Consulting Group. I have an MBA in Organizational Behavior. I’ve done organizational development and capacity building work for almost two decades. I’ve worked for nonprofits, private companies and for county agencies.  Today, my work focuses solely on the needs of nonprofits. We assist you in correcting/implementing operational controls and help you develop a diversification model that works for your organization.

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Community Partners in Caring

Comprehensive revitalization effort to keep the non-profit from closing its doors. Phase One: secure immediate funding. Phase Two: re-organization and sustainability planning. The goal is to bring the organization back to its original mission and lay the foundation for long-term sustainability: 

  • fundraising
  • re-organization and sustainability planning
  • funds diversification model – development and implementation
  • grant calendar creation, and grant writing
  • re-engagement of staff, board, and community partners
  • marketing, outreach, lobbying
  • read more

Oxnard Community College

Implemented campus-wide organizational activities and programs in order to improve efficiencies, build staff skill-set, improve organizational culture and build private/public/community/political relationships with the college.

  • campus wide needs assessment
  • program development
  • operational manuals
  • staff training
  • read more

Ventura County Behavioral Health

Established an organizational structure for internal controls and implemented a highly successful team-based approach for the development, revision, and maintenance of internal controls. The policies and procedures management program included staff training, auditing, and compliance.

  • policies and procedures
  • desk audit process and template
  • operational handbooks & guides
  • staff training
  • electronic forms
  • trained staff to lead teams
  • read more

Our Lady of Guadalupe Capital Campaign

Restructured the capital campaign office establishing fiscal protocols; project planning methods for leading fundraising events; a volunteer recruitment, training, and management process; and built media relationships.

  • project planning methods for leading fundraising events
  • marketing plan development
  • volunteer training and management
  • corporate donor program
  • read more

Web Crafters and Writers

Our website service outgrew this site. We’ve developed a sister site to better accommodate this service. Go to www.webcraftersandwriters.com

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