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History & Experience

Seventeen years ago, CL Consulting Group was known as Just Write Enterprises.  Initially, the focus was on grant writing/administration, program development, marketing, and coordination of fundraising events.  In 2006, our focus shifted to organizational development and capacity building. Today, we are known as CL Consulting Group serving the Central Coast.

“We are passionate about helping nonprofit organizations strengthen their organizational structure so that they can grow their resources and expand their services.”

My name is Vilma. I’m the owner and principal consultant for CL Consulting Group.  I have an MBA in Organizational Behavior and have been doing organizational development work for almost two decades. I’ve provided services to nonprofits, city, county, federal agencies, educational institutions, hospitals, and mental health centers. My goal is to enhance a nonprofit’s ability to sustain itself over time.

“We focus on two specific areas: correcting/strengthening operational systems, which includes helping you to become grant ready, and funding diversification.” 

At CL Consulting Group, you will find imaginative problem solvers that operate with integrity, are customer service oriented and performance focused. Go to our Services page to see how we can help you. 

Meet Your Consultants

Organization Founder

MBA, Organizational Behavior
>Organizational Development
>Internal Controls
>Grant Readiness; Grant Writer
>Funds Diversification
>Loves the outdoors & cooking for family and friends


MS in Training and Performance Improvement
>Master Trainer
>REAL Colors Facilitator
>Small Business Coach
>Very outgoing and loves horses


MFT (in progress)
>Four Lenses Facilitator
>Franklin Covey 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
>Huge Tigers fan and all around nice guy


“Vilma provided excellent services as a consultant in developing our college’s organizational and professional development program. She established credibility with the faculty and staff, developed a comprehensive set of program offerings to both faculty and staff as well as the President’s office. She proved to be innovatiive, met deadlines and documented the progress made. I would utilize her services again in the future.”

~ Dr. Richard Duran, Oxnard College President

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Focus Areas

Internal Controls

Grant Readiness & Grant Writing

Funds Diversification

Website Capacity Building

Operational controls create efficiency, consistency of service, establishes accountability and, among other things, positions your organization to pursue funding. We assess your highest need and provide customizable:

operational manuals
employee & volunteer handbooks
policies and procedures
operational guides
self-auditing templates

We also re-configure your website and create an internal structure that enables you to make these critical documents available to staff, volunteers, board members, and auditors. These are private password protected pages that enable you to create order and access, which is important given these documents guide your organization. It truly impresses auditors and funders alike!

Become more efficient and effective at seeking grant funding. Our grant readiness tool strengthens your organization’s ability to pursue funding and reduces the overall cost related to grant writing. During the process, we identify gaps and build a road map to address those gaps. We provide the following:

self-assessment tool
guided assessment
outline of activities needed toward grant readiness
implementation guide with required inputs/outputs, task assignments, and built-in timelines

We also provide grant writing, grant administration, and grant review/editing services. Our goal is to help you develop the infrastructure needed so that you spend less time writing/revising and more time focused on the effective delivery of your service/program.

Developing a funding diversification strategy is key to any nonprofit’s ability to sustain itself over time. Nonprofits can fund their work through individual giving, corporate giving, sponsorship’s, grants, events, fee-for-service, virtual store, contracts, and more. They can also leverage their resources by seeking in-kind support and establishing a volunteer management program. We provide the following service:

identify a diversification model that fits your organization
develop an implementation plan
guide you through the process of establishing the model
redesign your website to maximize it’s capacity

No one model is the same for every organization, but there are some consistent pieces in terms of donor solicitation as well as leveraging resources and capitalizing on free social media marketing. Our goal is to develop focused diversification that fits your organizations capacity.

A website should be multi-functional. It is not enough to tell your story and publish your outcomes. We utilize your organizations website to do many things – from housing internal controls, developing a site structure that aligns with grant readiness to helping you diversify funding and modernize outreach, marketing as well as donor solicitations.

We maximize a websites use and provide our clients with videos related to website management. Because this part of CL Consulting Group has grown, we’ve developed a sister site to organize all the materials more effectively. Go to www.webcraftersandwriters.com

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