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April 28, 2017: Miracles do happen!  On this day, a PE teacher from PV spotted the necklace aroundReturned the neck of a young man.  It appears that the necklace was moved to the lost and found when it was found among “things” stored in the storage container.  The young man thought it was an unclaimed item, so, he put it around his neck. The PE teacher recalled seeing the photograph that I sent out and made the connection.  The young man gave it to her so that she could give it back to me. Thank you to the PE teacher, Hallie, that spotted the necklace with the image of Christ and gave it back to me. The Miraculous medal that was with it is still missing, but it can be replaced since it was only a year old. The other, the one that was found, is 32 years old and given by someone who has since passed away. Thank you to the student that originally found it back in March and thank you to everyone in between that helped me look.  This is yet another reminder that God is in it with us in all things and circumstances, even in the smallest of things, like this necklace.  I didn’t think of praying for it to be returned. It seemed like such a small thing when compared to all the needs of our world, but after a few weeks of it missing, I decided to pray and put it on social media.  I prayed I would see it again someday, but I also prayed that if I didn’t, it would be around the neck of someone that was seeking God, not just another item lost in the field.  Just a few days later, it was returned to me.  What a lesson. God is there for us in all things – even the smallest of things. We need only ask Him.


March 2017:  A family necklace holding the image of Christ and the Miraculous medal was lost. Medals It was given to me over 32 years ago during a time in my life when I needed to believe not just in God, but in people. If I ever see it again, it will be a miracle, but fortunately, I believe in miracles.

My blogs are normally business related, but today is an exception.  You see, I believe that when you care about something, you should give it your all. So, I’m using all the resources I have to find this necklace of mine.

In March 2017, a family necklace was lost at Pioneer Valley High School in Santa Maria during a track meet.  We’ve searched and searched. On the 24th of April, I learned that a young lady found it on the day it was lost. She’s a Junior at PV.  She turned it in to an adult, who shall remain nameless. He put it somewhere in a storage container located on the track. He meant well, but when I went to pick up the necklace, it was not there. It appears to have been shuffled around with other things in the container or moved. It’s location, for now, is unknown. So, if you are willing, please post this blog on your social media to help me find this necklace.  Share on Twitter: and share on Facebook:

Thank you to those that decide to help and a HUGE thank you to Pioneer Valley staff and coaches who helped me look.  I’m thankful for the people I’ve encountered and I pray that each person that has touched the necklace and/or helped me search for it, is blessed with all that God knows he/she needs.

If you find the necklace, contact me at Community Partners in Caring: 805-925-8000. I’m happy to give a reward.

Blessings, Vilma

Images of the necklace

The image of Christ (gold plated and a little worn) and the Miraculous medal (silver plated) both on the necklace.


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