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How to Create Web Pages – Easy!

domain-nameIn my previous post Our New e-Learning Library, I indicated that we had created a new web-page focused on providing you with FREE tools that will, we hope, support your business endeavors.  We posted several FREE tutorials on that page.  We’ve also started a series of blogs on website development.  A new blog on this specific topic will be posted weekly.  Stay tuned!  Some of the videos will be from HostGator, some will be from WordPress and other sources. We are using various sources because when we watched the videos, we noted a few gaps, so, in order to fill those gaps, we will be inserting videos from other sources.

On our FREE Software Training page, we included three videos, which were developed by HostGator.  The first one is an introduction to WordPress, the second one is “how to” install WordPress and the third was an introduction to using Themes. A theme does two things: 1) It gives your website a style and 2) It enables you to build pages.  WordPress has hundreds of FREE themes to choose from.  You need only select one.  You can always change it later.

Do take advantage of the free coupons HostGator is offering. As I mentioned in my previous blog, you cannot have a website without hosting, so, why not get it at a discount. The code GiveMe25Campaign, gives you a 25% discount off hosting fees; the code CLCPennyPromo2016 enables you to get hosting for one penny (first month only), which means you can build a website today with less than $20.00.  Use the codes, share them with friends and share our  Free Tutorial pages with them as well.

Now, back to themes, this fourth video from HostGator shows you how to create web pages.  It’s pretty good. The instructor is going to show you how to add static pages, how to add an “About Me” page and a “Contact Page.”  He will also go through adding text, hyperlinks and images to your pages.

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Happy Learning!


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