“Vilma works with a broad range of people inclusive of managers and line staff in a way that creates dynamic dialogue, innovation, initiative and results. She accomplishes this by her high level of professionalism, integrity, collaboration skills and her focus on getting goals accomplished.”

~ Ventura County Management Council; Award Nomination

“Vilma developed and set in motion clear strategies that turned our fundraising efforts around.  She re-organized the entire fundraising office; implemented a volunteer recruitment, training and management process; established guidelines for budget management; developed our marketing strategy; and built media relationships. Our House Raffle event went from being $400,000 in the red to being over  $1,000,000 in the black within 7 months!” 

~ Our Lady of Guadalupe, Capital Campaign Committee

“I had the chance to work directly with Vilma both as the Training Institute director and while she managed the Professional Development initiatives on campus. She is the constant professional and was a pleasure to work with..”

~ Robert Cabral, President CBC Federal Credit Union

“Vilma provided excellent services as a consultant in developing our college’s professional development program. She established credibility with the faculty and staff, developed a comprehensive set of program offerings to both faculty and staff as well the President’s office. She proved to be innovatiive, met deadlines and documented the progress made. I would utilize her services again in the future.”

~ Richard Duran, Oxnard College President

“I met Vilma last year when the County of Ventura Human Resource Office sought bids from various organizations. We were, at the time, seeking support for the development and maintenance of our employee training program. She has taken, and continues to take, great care to hire the best. I have found Vilma to consistently demonstrate dedication to her goals, professionalism, an excellent attitude, and an approachable, pleasant personality.” 

~ K. Peterson, Personnel Analyst for the County of Ventura Human Resource Office

“Vilma collaborated with our agency as well as other law enforcement representatives in assembling a leadership development course, from the point of it being a concept all the way to an accredited course. Her interpersonal skills are an asset and I would request her assistance for future workshops.”

~ J. Crombach, Oxnard Chief of Police

“My working relationship with Vilma spans a year which ran the gambit from joint client visits to event organizing and execution. Vilma exhibited professionalism in helping clients determine their needs and providing solutions.” 

~ S. Trivedi, Director of CITD

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