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Some of the companies listed below offer discounts.  For example HostGator offers a 20% discount and through a coupon code (GiveMe25Campaign) a 25% discount, however, they have been known to offer up to a 60% discount.  To view the most current discount for HostGator, you’ll have to enter the site by clicking on the HostGator image below.  Other companies, such as Theme Forest and Blue Host, don’t necessarily offer discounts, they offer competitive prices. We use all of the companies listed below. We are also affiliates of these companies.

In addition to these recommended tools, we’ve provided free website development tutorials, which were produced by HostGator. To view these videos go to our Free Website Tutorials page.






You can buy your domain name and host your site through BlueHost. They don’t normally offer discounts, but their prices are consistently competitive.


Amazon is my go to on-line store. They have everything from home, personal and office products, including software, such as PhotoShop, which I use when I design websites.


I buy all my templates and WordPress themes from Theme Forest. They have a huge selection.  Themes help my clients manage their site (after training) without having to rely on web developers.

Like BlueHost, you can buy your domain name and host your site through HostGator. They are offering a 20% discount, but have been known to offer up to 60% off.  To view their current offer, click on the image.

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